b&e offers services of high added value in the areas of Communication and Marketing. We are convinced that specialization and a deep knowledge of Communication and Marketing is what makes us different and competitive.

We consider the knowledge of the business and culture of our clients is crucial, in order to identify, attract and recruit the best professionals. Our database, the references of a high number of candidates already evaluated and contrasted and also a professional team dedicated exclusively to Research, lead to an optimal and fast identification of potential candidates. We apply Direct Search as principal methodology and we rigorously establish the most appropriate techniques to do a systematic search that ends up the process successfully and reaches the objectives proposed by the client.

Our main clients are:

  • •Advertisers from all sectors.
  • •Advertising Agencies.
  • •Media Agencies.
  • •Communication and Public Relations Agencies.
  • •Digital Agencies.
  • •Event agencies.
  • •Producers.
  • •Media
  • •Strategic Consultants.
  • •Professional associations.

Our Services


Search of independent Directors, Managers and other Executives in Communication and Marketing.

Internal and Executive teams evaluations.

Coaching for Managers.

Potential Analysis, Working Climate and Professional Reorientation Programs.

Search and Selection of freelancers.