Communication and Marketing

We carry in our veins and in our history the passion for Communication and Marketing. In order to successfully face the challenges of a continuously changing society, it is a must to search for professionals with clear multicultural and multidisciplinary profiles. Professionals who not only know and apply effectively the appropriate strategies in Communication, Advertising and Marketing but also who are able provide knowledge and experience in other areas of the company whether economic, technological or cultural with a perfect mastery of the multimedia environment that characterizes the new information society.
b&e cuenta con dilatada experiencia en estas áreas y con profundo conocimiento del mercado de la Comunicación, de la Publicidad y del Marketing a nivel nacional e internacional.


Consumers’ habits change at great speed, among other causes, because of the influence of new technologies and the importance of personal branding in the acquisition process. These changes require the incorporation of talented and highly qualified professionals able to develop and reach with success the strategy and objectives at each moment and organization.
At b&e we know and study in depth the needs of the most important consumer companies and advertisers on the national and international scene. For these reasons, great consumption and durable goods companies, luxury, fashion, entertainment and telecommunications, bank and insurance, require the search of profiles that other companies haven´t been able to find.

New Technologies //Digital Communication

The digital and technological revolution has brought new ways of communication that have changed our purchase process and brand perception. We live in a globalized world in which internet has become the main communication mean forcing traditional marketing and advertising strategies to adapt to the new environment. The boost of social networks, mobile technology, online videos and even the web mail have given birth to a new scenario for the connection with each other. Online advertising and mobile marketing keep progressing to the denominated proximity formulas getting to connect with consumers anywhere and taking into account relevant information according to our tastes and interests.
These new technologies and Big data, are revolutionizing labor market and specially the one of communication and marketing, leading to a new way of organizing work, that affects the use of our time, and definitely our way to relate to others. The development of these new platforms and tools, bring the need of new professionals able to perform these new functions and of course, the adaptation and learning of all professionals, in order to offer a real integrated service in communication. For this matter, it is a must for the companies and professionals to adapt to these changes to ensure their future.

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