Nuestros Servicios / ¿Por qué B&E?

Our Services

1. Search for independent advisors, directors and other executives in the communication and marketing sector.

2. Internal executive team evaluation.

3. Executive coaching.

4. Career analysis, labor relations and professional re-orientation programs.

Why B&E?

• Because we understand our client’s business and employ a personalized strategy for each company, with a permanent commitment to top notch service and the establishment of a long term relationship.

• Because we consider ourselves as part of our client’s team and our primary goal is to generate prestige and value for the company.

• Because our database, our experience, our contacts and our research methodology are our guarantee to accessing and identifying the best and most suitable executives for each client.

• Because we apply rigorous quality control mechanisms at each step of the search process and measure ourselves not only on the successful incorporation of the candidate into the client’s business, but also on his perfect adaptation, integration and professional growth.

• Because we know how to work with and work for people in an ethical way, and defend with absolute confidentiality the data and rights of our clients and candidates.

• Because we are loyal, clear and to-the-point with our clients and candidates. We do not believe in creating false expectations.

• Because we love and believe in what we do, and because we know very well that even though everyone is different, it still is, and always will be the people that are the most important part of any organization.