Nuevas Tecnologías / Comunicación Digital

The digital revolution has brought about new forms of communication that have completely changed our purchasing habits and brand perceptions. We live in a globalized world in which the internet has become the preferred method of communication, which means traditional advertising and marketing strategies must be adapted to meet this new challenge. The proliferation of social media networks, mobile technologies, internet video and new forms of online communication have changed the way we communicate and form relationships.

Online advertising and mobile marketing continue to evolve toward a corporate strategy of connecting with the consumer wherever the company can find him, while putting relevant content into his hands according to his preferences.

New technologies have revolutionized the labor market especially in the Communication and Marketing industry, however, this revolution has made possible a new way to organize jobs, manage time and relate with consumers. The development of these new platforms and tools promotes an environment of professionals capable of getting the most out of them, while taking advantage of their latest capabilities to offer a truly integrated communication service strategy. Therefore, it is essential that businesses adapt to these new changes to prepare for the future, while professionals adapts to the new technologies that will keep them competitive in the labor market.