Consumer habits are constantly changing due to the influence of new technologies and the importance shoppers place on branding. These rapid changes demand the incorporation of highly qualified and talented professionals that can develop and carry out strategies to achieve the objectives of each organization.

At B&E Executive Search, we study and get to know the needs and requirements of the most important national and international consumer product corporations and advertising firms. Our team members have years of experience as executives, overseeing areas such as communications and marketing, general management, sales, imports/exports, logistics and finance.

We provide professionals that have not only the tools and abilities to fill a specific position, but also the talent to grow within our client’s organization, along with the personal and psychological profile necessary for the job.

For these reasons, consumer and luxury goods companies, businesses in the fashion industry, entertainment houses, telephone companies and communication firms call on us to identify candidates with profiles that many times the other Companies have been unable to find.