Independent Advisor Search

Our unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the sector, along with our experience with business advisors in various markets and industries has allowed us to develop a particular vision for the recruitment of Independent Advisors.

Businesses have seen an increasing demand in recent years for a better business/society relationship. “Corporate Governance” has defined a reform movement originating in the Anglo-Saxon business world, which has expanded to other countries thanks in great part to the globalization of the economy and the internationalization of markets.

We understand that the incorporation of Independent Advisors must be undertaken to add value not only to big corporations or publically traded companies with many shareholders, but also less flashy businesses such as sole proprietorships or family enterprises.

Our experience in this field has confirmed that in many cases, the incorporation of Advisors who come from outside the management team and who enjoy substantial freedom from the shareholders produce positive results by using their knowledge and experience to develop management/labor efficiencies and innovative controls. Advisors also bring new points of view to the business which can be exploited to develop new opportunities and expansions.