Executive Recruiting

We consider it absolutely essential to get to know the business and culture of our clients in order to attract and recruit the best professionals. B&E’s specialization in communication and marketing is a direct response to the need for talented professionals in the industry, professionals who can respond quickly and effectively to the needs of our clients. Our data base, our pool of pre-evaluated candidates, and our team of professionals dedicated exclusively to Research ensure a quick and high quality identification of potential executives.

Applying Direct Search as our primary methodology, our 4-step process is rigorously and systematically applied to identify Communication and Marketing professionals by:

1. FIRST STAGE. Data and info from the client. Complete profiles of the position and candidate. Search Strategy definition. Collaboration agreement.

2. SEARCH. Execution of Search Strategy. Evaluation and contact with potential candidates. Detailed interviews. Drawing up of confidential reports. Professional references verification.

3. FINAL CANDIDATE PRESENTATION. Presentation and meeting with client and candidate finalists. Contract negotiation representation. Contract finalization between both parties.

4. FOLLOW-UP EVALUATION. Permanent follow-up of candidate’s performance to the satisfaction of the client.